About Us


As we are in the 21st century, entire world aroun us undergoing a metamorphosis.The changing Global economic scenrio in not only creating complexities, also a new set of international relationship is emerging in which enemity is giving place to friend ship guided by global economic compulsion.

Our vision is a achieve excellence through knowladge, motivation and innovation. The student are nurtured not only in conceptual, technical and managerial skills but also in value that accept change, diversityes, plurality in throught and ideas thet respect indivisuals. Our culture goes beyond normal learning process.
It is here to AGI (abc group of institute)that the students with the help of faculty build hopes and aspiration,nature  dreams and lay the foundation stone on which stand the monuments of their careers.

The system of training and education practiced by the AGI(abc greoup of institute) ensured that develops the students who are leaders in every  sense  and can discharge their duties in most example manners.